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Varied ThemesPosted by Petter Saunes Wed, June 08, 2016 09:59:18
..morning, walking the dog. Last couple of weeks it has been really hot and i'm trying not to walk her during the hottest hours, just to let her relive herself. This morning at 8 am it was only 4,6 C. at the veranda table.

It is aprox. three weeks since we came back from Lofoten, had some very lazy days but also had things to do, like helping Reidun in the garden, maintaining the lawn, shaped the hedge and watering the lawn and flower beds.

Also refreshed my gore-tex jackets and trousers including some of the Ski School garments from both H.H. and Nike. Used Toko products: ECO wash textile to "open up" the breathability and PROOF impregnation for waterproofing. Haven't been able to test the result yet due to the fact that it has not, literally, rained more then a "couple of drops".

The dog's pulling leash snapped the other day after roughly half a year's use. Have to write them an e-mail about that since their advertising claims "it will serve you well for years to come". But, I guess, that's advertising for you, in a nutshell. smiley
All I want to do, though, is to make them aware of it.

Oh well, I guess this is all for now. There is, as usual, more photos at the Gallery, including a series of 5 photos from the snow melting's effect on the river. Used my "measuring rock" as reference.

Enjoy the rest of your day immensely smiley

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